BlackBerry 10 Innovations

With the ever-increasing popularity of the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, the RIM BlackBerry has been losing significant smartphone market share—especially in the world of law firms. On Tuesday, RIM announced its newest updates to the BlackBerry 10, intended to facilitate switching between business and personal use of the phone. To read more, go to

Mac or Windows in Law Firms

The world of technology is changing more rapidly than ever, and lawyers are beginning to change from Windows-based systems to Mac-based systems more and more. Is this really feasible considering the requirements of the law profession? Some experts are now saying yes! To read their opinion on the switch, go to


Electronic Communications Privacy Act Reform Vote Postponed till after Elections

A modern reform to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 is up for consideration in the Senate. Unfortunately, the voting is postponed until after the election in November. The new bill would require law enforcement to obtain a warrant before gaining access to private emails and social networking communications. To learn more, go to

“Tweets” May Prove Disorderly Conduct

On Friday, Twitter handed over an Occupy Wall Street protestor’s tweets to a N.Y. criminal court judge. According to the prosecution, the tweets, no longer available online, may conflict with the protestors defense. Twitter is still attempting to fight the subpoena through claims that the micro-blog posts are private. To learn more, go to

9th Circuit to Hear Microsoft / Google Patent Case

Normally patent cases are handled in the Federal Circuit. However, since the Microsoft / Google case is essentially based on a contract – with the underlying patent dispute –  the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will be overseeing. To learn more, go to

Patent Litigation Up 22%

Due to the America Invents Act (which took effect in September 2011), patent infringement litigation rose 22% during 2011. Another cause of high patent litigations is the ever-increasing number of “patent trolls” – parties that aggressively pursue patent infringement cases. To read more, go to

Streaming Too Fast for Courts?

On Friday, September 14, 2012, briefs will be filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit regarding streaming television service Aereo and its possible copyright infringement. However, is the Internet moving too fast for the court system? To read more, go to