The New iPad Mini


Should you purchase the new iPad Mini? The answer is it depends. The smaller iPad has a 7.9 inch screen, 16 gigabytes of memory, Wi-Fi, and a starting price of $329. The Mini is available with 32 or 64 gigabytes of memory for $429 and $529, respectively. You can also add 4G service for another $130 and it is available on all major carriers. It is more portable than the larger iPads and it is a cheaper alternative. However, the larger screen on the iPad can be beneficial and it is not that heavy to carry around. To find out more information on the iPad Mini, please go to

Cloud-based Operating System

Researchers at Tsinghua University of Beijing, China have begun working on a new operating system that is entirely focused around Internet usage and cloud-computing. The operating system, TransOS, uses scarce resources, insuring that the OS is not slowed down by applications working “behind the scenes.” To read more about their OS, go to

Simulated Android Network

As smartphones become an ever-increasing part of everyday life, smartphone security is becoming a progressively larger issue. Sandia National Laboratories has now created a simulated network of 300,000 Android smartphones to help them create software to protect smartphones from hackers and viruses. To read more about the program, go to


Skype Murder Testimony Upheld

The 9th Court of Appeals of Texas upheld a man’s capital murder conviction that involved testimony via Skype. This may open the door for further use of technology in criminal trials. Luis Enrique Rivera was convicted in May 2011 for the robbery and shooting death of Pedro Rodriquez. During the trial, Judge Michalk allowed a Conroe police crime scene investigator deployed in Iraq to testify via Skype. Rivera had appealed his conviction largely on the basis, that lack of face-face confrontation was not justified because the investigator would return to the U.S. in a year or two. The decision has the power to greatly increase technology usage and court efficiency. Prosecutors were able to move forward with the case rather than delay it until the investigator could be physically present. To find out more information on the case, go to

A New Social Network: Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a private social network that joins people together based on where they are living. Government entities can now use this social network to communicate with citizens and provide them with important community information. Davis, California is one of the cities that is using Nextdoor, with 740 households in Davis signed up. Davis has used Nextdoor to distribute community information, such as major road closures. Fortunately, Nextdoor is available nationwide and there are about 45 cities already communicating with citizens in their community. To find out more information on how to use Nextdoor, go to

Federal Register 2.0

Taken directly from “Harvard’s Best Ideas for Government”

Federal Register 2.0 developed with free, open-source software, makes federal regulatory information available to the public in a Web newspaper format. This new edition of the Federal Register organizes material into six topical sections, offers notifications on virtually any topic or agency, makes it easier for citizens to understand the regulatory process and comment on proposed actions, and facilitates application developers in using the information.

To view Federal Register 2.0, go to

JeffClerk Alert App is recognized in “Harvard’s Best Ideas for Government”

Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court’s app, JeffClerk Alerts, was recently recognized in Government Technology Magazine as one of “Harvard’s Best Ideas for Government.” The application, developed in-house, was ultimately designed to increase efficiency and the availability of information. By using this App, you can receive email notifications on civil and criminal cases, election results and public works contracts.

Also developed at Jefferson Parish is the Atttorney’s Toolbox Mobile App which provides access to tools for filing documents, obtaining forms, fees, department contacts, locations and inter-active docket calendars for all divisions. To learn more, go to

Morrison & Foerster Named Most Innovative Law Firm

The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) recently awarded San Francisco-based law firm Morrison & Foerster with the most innovative law firm award. To read more about the award and the technological innovations of Morrison & Foerster, go to