Keyboards have come a long way!

It is truly amazing to see the changes in keyboard in the past several years. Choices today include ergonomically-designed, membrane, gaming, and wireless keyboards. Qii’s (pronounced “key”) newest keyboard is a thin, flexible device that connects wirelessly to smart devices and rolls up so you can put it in your pocket. Roll-up keyboards currently exist, but what makes Qii’s truly unique is that this magazine-sized device can be pulled out like a tape measure and allows typing on almost any surface. A corresponding app enables the keyboard to connect to smart devices via Bluetooth.

The textured surface makes it easier for touch-typing and it has an anti-fingerprint coating enabling it to be cleaned with soap and water. The “icing-on-the-cake” is that keyboard case itself is a touchpad that enables users to scroll through and select items on-screen.

The Qii is currently in the final product design and testing phase, but there is no word on when it is expected to go to full production. To learn more, go to

Croation Visitors at CLCT

The Center for Legal & Court Technology, William & Mary Law School, had the pleasure of meeting representatives from the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Justice. These delegates were interested in seeing the McGlothlin Courtroom, the nation’s most technologically advanced educational courtroom, and learning more about capabilities of various pieces of equipment within the judicial system. Visiting was Damir Kaufman, Secretary General, and Ivan Crncec, Assistant Minister for the Ministry of Justice, Croatia, escorted by a member of the Croation embassy.

Faster Wi-Fi

Researchers at North Carolina State University have come up with a new tool that will speed up public Wi-Fi hotspots. The software is able to improve data throughput by up to 700 percent. Current Wi-Fi hotspots are at times painstakingly slow due to because users and the Wi-Fi access points are connected by a single channel that sends data back and forth. This new software will assist in keeping data flowing smoothing in both directions at once. To find out more information on the software, please go to

CyberCity to Prevent Cyber Warfare

The SysAdmin, Audit, Networking, and Security Institute (SANS) is currently building a 6 by 8-foot city, complete with a fully functioning infrastructure and power grid. This CyberCity, as it has been coined, is to be used as a training tool to help U.S. Military personnel ward off cyber warfare attacks on major cities. To read more about the CyberCity and how it will affect the future of cyber warfare, go to: