Kindgom v. Gresham: February Fractured Fairytale

On Wednesday, February 12, local 1st and 2nd graders will be visiting the McGlothlin Courtroom for a program hosted by The Center for Legal and Court Technology (CLCT). The program, entitled “Fractured Fairytales,” consists of a mock trial in which all of the witnesses and parties are based on classic fairytale characters or creatures. The characters and their respective classic stories are each given an odd or idiosyncratic twist that creates a legal problem that is at the center of the mock trial. The students, at the end of the trial, will serve as the jury and determine the verdict. Wednesday’s case, Kingdom v. Gresham, is a twist on the classic Goldilocks classic fairytale. The Kingdom has brought charges of criminal trespass and destruction of private property (including Baby Bear’s iPod) against Janie Gresham (aka Goldilocks). Testimony will be provided by all three bears, Edward “Papa” Bear, Sonya “Mama” Bear, and Carey “Baby” Bear. Little Red Riding Hood will also be testifying on behalf of the prosecution. Goldilocks will argue the defense of necessity, as she was lost in the woods in the cold and feared for her safety.

Limited space is available for law students. If you wish to view the trial, please contact Greg Marinelli at to reserve your seat.

CLCT will be organizing another Fractured Fairytale Trial toward the end of the Spring 2014 semester featuring guest appearances by faculty members for law school student viewing. For more information about Fractured Fairytales or CLCT, please contact Greg Marinelli at


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