Regional jail in Virginia installs new video teleconferencing technology

A regional jail on the outskirts of Northern Virginia recently installed a new video teleconferencing system that allows prisoners to attend court hearings remotely and to have more frequent communications with their lawyers.  Since its implementation in late August, the system has received positive reviews from attorneys.  For more, read the full story in Northern Virginia Daily.

Apple decides against unlocking iPhones and iPads for police investigations

Apple recently announced it will not turn over data from iPhones or iPads to police, even if police have a search warrant. Apple has taken this stance by releasing a new operating system, iOS 8, that precludes anyone from accessing data stored on an iPhone or iPad except the device’s owner.  Under the new operating system, even Apple cannot access data stored on these devices.   For more, check out this story in The Washington Post.

Delaware passes new law giving fiduciary trustees access to online accounts

Delaware recently passed a law that allows fiduciary trustees to access the online accounts and digital content of individuals who have died or become incapacitated.  Delaware’s statute, which is known as the Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets and Digital Accounts Act, is the most comprehensive law of its kind in the nation.  For more on the law and whether it conflicts with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, check out this story in Delaware Law Weekly.

Audio interview on how lawyers can benefit from wearable technology

Legal technology expert Richard Georges talks about how lawyers can benefit from wearable technology, such as smart watches, during an interview on “The Digital Edge” podcast.  Although judges typically discourage the use of smart phones in court, Georges argues that smart watches can make a lawyer more productive and accessible.  Georges gives advice on how to use a smart watch properly to maximize benefits and minimize disruptions.  For more, see the podcast and story on the Legal Talk Network.