McGlothlin Courtroom

From the latest hardware to cutting edge software, the McGlothlin Courtroom serves as a testing bed for the latest advancements in courtroom and legal technology.  The Courtroom is equipped for videoconferencing and employs the latest generation of court reporting technology, including the ability to publish real-time transcription to the Internet.  The Center is always upgrading its equipment and platforms to stay on the cutting edge of emerging trends.

The McGlothlin Courtroom is not simply a courtroom: it is also a laboratory and a classroom.  One of the most important uses of the Courtroom is as a training ground for tomorrow’s lawyers.  As part of the Legal Skills program, all William & Mary Law School students make oral arguments and try a simulated case using the Courtroom and its technology.   The Law School’s Trial Advocacy participants bring their cases to trial in the Courtroom, and the Law School’s Trial Team and National Moot Court teams rely on the Courtroom to prepare for their competitions.

The Center for Legal & Court Technology regularly welcomes groups of all types for courtroom demonstrations. The National Center for State Courts regularly sends groups from the United States and other countries to the courtroom. For example, in January 2010 we hosted a Chinese delegation of legal professionals interested in courtroom technology and the American system of justice.

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