8th Conference on Privacy & Public Access to Court Documents – Conference Materials

State Policy Updates (Moderator:  Dooley)

Report of the Advisory Committee on Civil Practice (New York Advisory Committee on Civil Practice)

California Rules of Court (Judicial Council of California)

Mentis Redaction Software (Andrew Heyward, for Justice John Dooley - Vermont Supreme Court)

A Guide to Public Access, Sealings, & Expungement of District Court Records (Administrative Office of the District Court of Massachusetts)

Public Access to Court Records in New York (George F. Carpinello)

Rule 1.38 of the Rules Governing the Courts of the State of New Jersey (State of New Jersey)

Taming Technology in the Context of the Public Access Doctrine: New Jersey's Amended Rule 1.38 (Kristin M. Makar)

Missouri Court Operating Rule 2 (State of Missouri)

Privacy and Open Courts:  An Academic Perspective (Facilitator:  Hulse)

Sustaining both Privacy and Open Justice in the Transition from Local to Online Access to Court Records: A Multidisciplinary Inquiry (Amanda Conley, Anupam Datta, Helen Nissenbaum, and Divya Sharma5)

Evolving Issues:  Social Media and the Courts (Facilitator:  Anderson)

Future Trends in Public Access - Court Information, Privacy, and Technology (Justice Paul H. Anderson - Supreme Court of Minnesota)

Internet v. Courts: Googling for the Perfect Juror (Reuters - Brian Grow)

Social Media at Thomson Reuters (Edward A. Friedland - General Counsel, Reuters)

Social Media and Privacy and Public Access to Court Records: All A-Twitter Over Nothing? (Michael Johnson - Legal Counsel Division, Minnesota State Court Administrator's Office)

New Media & The Courts: The Current Status & A Look At The Future (CCPIO New Media Project)

Family Court and the Press:  Privacy & Court Records (Moderator:  Smukler)

DC Code § 16-2331 (District of Columbia)

DC Code § 16-2331 (District of Columbia)

Minnesota Public Access Case Record Table (Excerpts) (State of Minnesota)

Application for Permission to Attend Hearings (Superior Court of the District of Columbia)

Privacy and Courts:  An International Perspective (Moderator:  Deyling)

Access to Court Records: The New Zealand Experience (Judge David Harvey - District Court, New Zealand)

International Perspectives on Access to Information Court Records (Msc. Luis Rivas L. - Supreme Court of Justice, Costa Rica)

Policy Before Technology (Alberta Courts - Kate Welsh)


Policy Before Technology (Kate Welsh, Alberta Courts)

Access to Court Records: Developments in New Zealand ()

Political Constitution of the Republic of Costa Rica ((Republic of Costa Rica))

Protección de la Persona frente al tratamiento de sus datos personales (La Asamblea Legislativa de la Republica de Costa Rica)

Ley General de Telecomunicaciones (La Asamblea Legislativa de la Republica de Costa Rica)

Reforma integral Ley sobre estupefacientes, sustancias psicotrópicas, drogas de uso no autorizado, actividades conexas, legitimación de capitales y financiamiento al terrorismo (La Asamblea Legislativa de la Republica de Costa Rica)

Código de la Niñez y la Adolescencia (Republic of Costa Rica)

Perspectivas Internacionales de Acceso a la Informacion de los Registros Judiciales (Msc. Luis Rivas - Supreme Court of Justice, Costa Rica)

The Open Court Initiative (Facilitator:  Lederer)

Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Barnes - Brief for the Intervenor, Trustees of Boston Univ. (Trustees of Boston University)