Legal & Technology Training

High School Program 2017 – Learn about this year’s High School Aged Program with Intro to Law, Intro to Evidence and the newest course, Intro to Torts!

Introduction to the US Legal System – This blended e-learning professional development certificate course is designed for people who work in conjunction with lawyers, legislators, law firms and judges, and are interested in knowing more about American law and the US legal system. It begins with a three day in-residence period at William & Mary Law School, followed by the on-line format of two web-based classes per week for 14 weeks. For a course outline, and to register, click here.

Courtroom Technology: A Survey Course for Litigators – Some of today’s most successful lawyers are using new technologies to give them a competitive edge. Learn about the opportunities and challenges associated with this important trend.

“I have been litigating cases for nearly 20 years using flip charts and enlarged pictures… This seminar provided me with insight into various tools which I can begin using immediately.”      – Don Marcari, Esquire of Marcari, Russotto & Spencer, P.C.

Technology Training

Audio/Video Training – No classes are currently scheduled. Contact Martin Gruen at

There is a critical need for trained, in-house personnel to support the ever growing number of courtroom audio/video systems. Budgets make it almost impossible for many courts to hire outside experts. In the absence of dedicated expertise, courts have been compelled to turn maintenance, and sometimes installation, of audio systems, digital recording equipment, evidence presentation hardware, and video conferencing equipment over to courthouse staff. If your court is in this position, our A/V training courses are your next step.

NEW – Digital  Audio/Video Training Program for Court Technologists– The CLCT Digital Audio/Video Training Program provides participants with an understanding of audio/video systems in reference to the advancement of the digital platform, the requirements for maintaining them, and a foundation for improved communication with vendors and installers.

Court Audio/Video Training Program – Advanced – The Advanced program expands the practitioner’s skill set, including: technical troubleshooting, design and implementation of systems, and administration of other court audio/video personnel.

Other Courses Previously Offered: Persuasive Courtroom Presentation Technology, Digital Discovery in the Real World, Deposition of the Technology Forensic Witness, Electronic Discovery of Email, and High-Tech Trial Certification for Trial Lawyers.