The Honor System

The William & Mary Honor System, originally established in 1779, is administered by students with advice from faculty and administrative officers of the College. Students found guilty of cheating, stealing, or lying are subject to dismissal. To learn more, go to http://www.wm.edu/offices/deanofstudents/services/studentconduct/studenthandbook/honor_system/index.php.


As a participant, you will make your own travel arrangements. We suggest you compare airfares by contacting STA Travel (www.statravel.com) and Student Universe (www.studentuniverse.com), which are both good sources for student fares. You can also contact online and local travel agencies for additional specials.

Local Attractions

During your stay, explore the historic city of Colonial Williamsburg (www.history.org) and many other tourist attractions, all within 20 miles of the college.