Court Affiliates Conference

Courts in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

June 20 – 21, 2024

Hosted by Louisiana’s
24th Judicial District Court, Jefferson Parish,
at the Louisiana Supreme Courthouse
in New Orleans, Louisiana

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly growing technology that is impacting many areas of our lives, including court operations and trials. The 2024 CLCT Court Affiliates Conference will address Courts in the Age of AI.

The Conference will address AI from technological, legal, and court perspectives and will include speakers from academia and industry.

After the annual Court Affiliates reports, our topics will include:

  • What are Artificial Intelligence and generative intelligence?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of AI?
  • How will AI affect lawyers and legal practice?
  • How can AI be used by judges and courts to enhance their activities?
  • What are the risks of judge and court use of AI?
  • What could be the long-term impact of AI from the courts’ perspective?

In the second day of the Conference, members of the Court Affiliates Technology Committee will discuss Best Practices in the Age of AI, dealing other technological matters of importance. Our goal will be to update the existing 2018 Best Practices so that we can properly prepare for the near future. We will also seek to update the CLCT Protocols for Use By Lawyers of Courtroom Technology. Should the Protocols address generative AI? If so, should they constrain its use?

The 2024 Conference is hybrid in that we have both in-person and remote participation options. The in-person conference will be held at the Louisiana Supreme Court building located at 400 Royal Street, which is just minutes from our recommended hotel and numerous New Orleans attractions. 

Attendees who join us in New Orleans can enjoy the delights of the city while remote participants are welcome to join us via Zoom. Don’t miss out on this exciting conference in June.

The future awaits!