Community Outreach

CLCT is dedicated to active community involvement, as part of our commitment to the Citizen Lawyer ideal espoused by the William & Mary Law School. Our most important public service endeavors are our law-related education short programs for non-lawyers, including high school and college students, and our “Fairytale Trials” program for K-12 students.

As part of the William & Mary Law School community, CLCT supports the Law School’s instructional mission. Through CLCT, students can work with the technology available in the McGlothlin Courtroom, the world’s most technologically advanced trial and appellate courtroom. The Law School’s Applied Evidence course combines traditional evidence and basic trial practice and courtroom technology training. CLCT also supports specialized courses:

  • Technology Augmented Trial Advocacy
  • Privacy in a Technological Age
  • E-Commerce
  • Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Technologies, and Their Effects on the Legal Landscape