Center for Legal & Court Technology Fellows

The Center for Legal & Court Technology periodically has fellowships available. These fellowships are reserved for students, including newly admitted students, especially those with extensive prior experience in an area of great importance to the Center such as technical or marketing skills. Center Fellows work and maximum ten of hours a week and often occupy important positions within the Center. CLCT student fellowships may be awarded to any law student, whether in-state or out-of-state. Applicants may apply directly to the Center for Legal & Court Technology after applying for admission to the Law School.

Research Fellowship

Specially qualified persons with a specific interest in an area within the general mission of the Center for Legal & Court Technology may apply to spend time in residence at William & Mary, working with CLCT to further their legal, empirical, commercial, or technological goals. Ordinarily, Research Fellows receive administrative support and (limited) office space. Each research fellowship is unique, and applicants should be prepared to present a detailed proposal. These fellows are not law students.

Franklin Fellowship

Named after one of the nation’s preeminent technologist, Benjamin Franklin, the Franklin Fellowship permits one year’s study in residence at William & Mary Law School. Subject to course requirements and any administrative restrictions, Franklin Fellows may select courses of their own choice to attend and will be assisted in their studies by CLCT staff. Franklin Fellows do not ordinarily take examinations and will not receive academic credit for their courses. Upon satisfactory completion of the Fellowship, the Franklin Fellow receives a certificate. A Franklin Fellow pays full tuition and fees.

Applicants should contact CLCT Director, Professor Fred Lederer for more information. 

Phone: (757) 221-3792

Email: filede@wm.edu.