AI & Cyber

Left to right: Fredric Lederer, Iria Giuffrida, and Nicolas Vermeys

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation (funded by Cisco) awarded a grant to CLCT to educate judges and lawyers, primarily in the European Union, the United States, and Canada, on the legal issues likely to arise from the use of technologies such as machine/deep learning, large scale data analytics, and the Internet of Things.

Since receiving this grant in 2017, CLCT has been hard at work developing and delivering high quality academic scholarship, practical resources, and exciting events on law and emerging technologies.

Cutting Edge AI Courses & Training

As part of this grant, CLCT developed an innovative, team-taught course that debuted at William & Mary Law School in Spring 2018, entitled “AI & More: Legal Issues Likely to Arise from AI & Related Emerging Technologies.” A popular choice amongst students, the first course offering proved to be a major success and is now a fixture in the Spring course offering. 

Since 2019, CLCT has also delivered online workshop for judges and court officials, offered through CLCT’s Court Affiliates program, to discuss legal issues related to AI. CLCT has also developed CLE courses to lawyers and law firms on AI and the law.

Exhibit AI Podcast

To round out its research efforts and find new ways of communicating the legal issues pertaining to emerging technologies, CLCT developed Exhibit AI, “a podcast examining contemporary legal issues for tomorrow’s technology.” Covering a range of topics and disciplines, Exhibit AI highlights both CLCT staff research and exciting guest speakers as subject matter experts. All episodes are available here.


Stay tuned for more about CLCT’s AI projects as we continue to expand our research efforts, foster collaborative partnerships with institutions around the globe, and expand the resources and materials we offer.

Past Projects:

Writing Competitions with International Reach

In academic year 2017/2018, CLCT launched its International Writing Competition, seeking student papers that explore novel legal issues likely to arise from AI and related technologies. In academic year 2018/2019, the competition was expanded to law students worldwide, and the number of submissions received more than doubled. In academic year 2019/2020, the competition received many impressive submissions from universities across the globe.  In the Commentary page, you can find the winners’ papers alongside other publications from the CLCT team.

2018 International Workshop

October 2018 marked another major milestone, as CLCT hosted its inaugural International Workshop, inviting speakers from around the globe to contribute their industry, technical, academic, and policy expertise to comment on the “Legal Issues Lurking Behind the Convergence of AI, IoT, and Blockchain.” Read more about the Workshop and find key takeaways from this year’s speakers.