Cybersecurity Newsletter

Funded by the Coastal Node of the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (COVA CCI), CLCT Cybersecurity and Information Security Newsletter is a monthly publication that highlights cybersecurity-related stories with additional legal analysis. This newsletter aims to explain complex cybersecurity incidents and provide the relevant legal context for all audience levels. Since its first issue, the newsletter has gained additional subscribers from around the world. With the new Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act and a number of cybersecurity-related federal regulations and Executive Orders, the newsletter also serves to inform the audience of significant legal changes that impact the cybersecurity field.

Issue 11


  • U.S. Department of Justice charges individuals for violating federal export regulations relating to computer hacking
  • Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control publishes updated advisory on ransomware payments

Issue 10


  • TD Bank sued by a customer for failure to protect against online theft
  • Senator Warner introduced legislation to bolster cyber breach notification

Issue 9


  • Threat Actors conduct a series of Supply Chain attacks against Kaseya VSA software to spread ransomware to thousands of businesses
  • NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware allegedly used against non-criminal civilians and journalists worldwide

Issue 8


  • U.S. Supreme Court limits the scope of criminal violation under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
  • President Biden signs Executive Order to increase information sharing
  • The Ransomware Task Force issues a comprehensive strategic framework against ransomware

Issue 7


  • Virginia adopts the Consumer Data Protection Act
  • Pennsylvania woman charged with deep fakes cyberbullying

Issue 6


  • President Biden orders multiple U.S. Supply Chain Reviews
  • The SolarWinds hack: SUNSPOT, SUNBURST, and a compromised Office 365 account
  • Hacker Attempted to Control Florida Water Treatment Plant


Issue 5